The article below appeared in the Melbourne Age Epicure magazine reviewing the Magical
Munch Bar, the successful retail and wholesale business prior to the formation of Belem

Over the past 15 years, Linda Lopes' Portuguese custard tarts have built up quite a following
as the perfect accompaniment to a coffee at city spots like Degraves, The European or Verge.
Johnson Street's Casa Iberica also does a brisk trade in these little discs of crumbly puff
pastry topped with gooey custard. Lopes says the secret is the absence of any preservatives
or additives - and following her Northern Portuguese grandmother's recipe for both the puff
pastry and the custard. What is perhaps less well known is that although Lopes closed her
Brunswick Street bakery five years ago, she now has a cafe in Burwood, The Magical Munch
Bar, which she runs with her son, Alex. Not only is this the source of these divine custard tarts
but here you'll also find their little sisters - almond tarts and homemade cakes, such as lemon
and yoghurt.

                                                                                                  Matt Preston
                                                                                                  The Melbourne Age